The BONJOUR BOB kit is the new, fun way to teach SIMPLE GREETINGS, introductions, simple commands, family and other basics in VERY EASY FRENCH.

Take your students of French from A0 through A2 to B1 CEFR levels (Ages 5 to 75). 

In the first episode, MAX is having problems at school when an alien, BOB, slams his spaceship onto Earth, running from the evil and sinister CROLKS! 


The kits in the BONJOUR BOB series are serials. Which means the story continues from kit to kit within the series. Each kit is an episode and leads into the next episode.

Each episode has a pedagogical focus. The first episode/kit focuses on simple greetings and touches on how old you are and on family.

The following episode/kits focus on different components such as:

Se présenter / présenter quelqu’un / répondre de manière appropriée

• S’enquérir des autres / informer au sujet de soi et de ses proches

• Exprimer / répondre à des questions au sujet de ses préférences

• Donner, demander et suivre des directives

• S’enquérir / informer au sujet du temps qu’il fait

• Répondre au téléphone / laisser un simple message

• S’enquérir des besoins des autres / informer des siens

• Formuler / accepter / refuser une invitation

• S’enquérir des activités préférées des autres / informer des siennes

• Employer des nombres à des fins pratiques, etc…


Students are used to watching loud, explosive TV, Internet shows, graphic novels and movies with off the wall animation and characters.

Think of Sponge Bob or of the explosion of superhero movies.

The new COMIC series BONJOUR BOB blends conversational curriculum goals with student’s psyche.

It’s not for everyone. It’s a resource the “cool” kids will identify with. It’s often way over the top. It’s loud, it’s explosive and it WILL wake up even your most indifferent French students.

Max and his sister EMILIE have to show Bob the ways of our World and THAT’S how we cover simple greetings, simple introductions, directions, family, neighbourhoods, sports, food, health, friends and more WITH EACH EPISODE of the new kit BONJOUR BOB!

The series BONJOUR BOB is designed in the COMIC format associated with listening/viewing/reading for fun.

Instead of the regular, boring books and videos showing people running through mundane introductions, family, directions and such, we stage our learning journey as captivating intergalactic adventure!

The beauty of the concept is that BOB is an alien, so he has to learn EVERYTHING about us, in French.

To order your kit click here! Options include online or printed kits. 

Everything is designed to make it easy for the teacher to setup spin-off projects for students. Young MAX’s address is a real place. Students can use Google Earth or Maps to find it and work on directions.

BOB’s planet is real. It was recently discovered by NASA and is the first Earth-sized planet that could sustain life. As a teacher, you can use this to springboard into science activities, environmental projects, biology, math and more.

With the BONJOUR BOB series, students see our world in French, with fresh eyes and take an intergalactic fun ride to French proficiency!

To order your kit click here! Options include online or printed kits. 



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