Welcome to Planet French! LK 5min

Thank you for filling the simplified LKDSB STUDENT self-registration form to Planet French!

PLEASE WAIT at least 5 minutes before you login the first time.

The system needs between 5 to 10 minutes to create your access.

-In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at a couple of our short tutorial videos? Click here. 

-Has it been at least 5 minutes? Ok, go ahead and login with your username, which is your official school district email (the one containing @lkdsb), and with the password your teacher gave you. 

The login link is on the top menu above. It says “LOG IN”. 

And have fun!

-If you logged in before 5 minutes and you get an error message, then log out and log back in, you speedy racer, you 😉

-If you can’t login after 10 minutes, try refreshing your browser window, or use the chat system on Planet French or email guy@planetfrench.com to get help.

Enjoy Planet French!