Tutorial: How to use Planet French, with course planner.

You should watch the whole video, but here are the timecodes of specific points for quick reference:

0:50: What’s on Planet French. Types of resources. 

1:24: The amazing and unique  Booksmarts Planet French K-12 courses with “dynamic levelling”. 

2:38: How to use the courses

3:16: How to quickly build your lesson programming/syllabus for the year with Planet French

6:10: How to find and use the weekly Canadian news episodes

6:40: Students can read the news scripts under the videos

6:43: Students can take self-correcting quizzes. Here’s an example. 

7:44: The action-oriented approach used in the courses. Dashboard example, summative tasks, step activities. 

7:51: How to search for content. There are nearly 1000 lessons. Two search methods: quick and advanced (with levels and topics such as easy, advanced, a1, a2, b1, etc…levels). 

9:09: How to assign content to registered students. 

9:58: How students can register to get their Planet French account. 

10:15: How and why we need to communicate with you, the teacher. Important!! We can’t send you passwords, logins and updates unless you do this: Please authorize emails from guy@planetfrench.com and from mailer@infusionsoft.com and check your spam folders for emails coming from guy@planetfrench.com or from Planet French.

Tutorial: How to use Planet French, with tips from the classroom.

How some teachers use Booksmarts/Planet French resources

Tutorial #1: Introduction

Tutorial #2: Where everything is and basic navigation

How to navigate the courses on Planet French

How to find anything on Planet French in 5 seconds, plus excerpts of the kinds of resources you’ll find here.

Tired of spending hours finding the age and level-appropriate content to teach French with? With this method, you’ll find anything you need in 5 seconds or less!

Reading in the forest on a mobile device

How to find content at the right level:

Dans cette vidéo en français, on fait un survol rapide de Planet French.

Tutorials update: New simplified navigation on Planet French.