Users registered by us

We can register all your teachers and students so long as they’re part of your school.

Please send me a google sheet with these columns:

First name, last name, email, school name

Make sure to only use each user’s official school district email. That’s the email address which has your school district’s abbreviation after the @.

Do not use fake emails, or emails with hotmail, gmail, etc… as these will be purged from the system.

Here are is what happens next and additional steps:

-Once we register your teachers and students, we will send them their username and password by email.

They must be able to receive our emails. We send out important updates periodically.

***IMPORTANT: Please be sure to whitelist/authorize emails coming from:

  • and from

in your email application. Make sure to whitelist/approve our emails in your student’s computers, at school and with your school district’s IT team.

School district’s often block outside emails, as they should, so you will need to ensure we are considered “insiders” with your IT department.

-Also check your spam folder for emails coming from us.

Clear your cookies and cache from your browser.

Cookies and cache keep previously visited pages and web sites in your browser’s memory for faster future access. However when the destination pages change, the old versions “stick” and it may cause some issues.

For registration/login or other issues, the best way to contact us is via the chat on Planet French

Using Planet French

I highly recommend new users take a look at the short tutorial videos under the “tutorials” menu on

Participating in our community

Planet French is a lively community of French teachers and students from around Canada and the World. We encourage teachers and students to post their comments and have discussions in  the “comments” boxes found under each video.